A letter to the universe.

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Hey Universe,

I hope you are doing great. A lot of things have happened in the past few decades that it has led to great advancements in many fields. Technology has very helpful to many people. Improvement in life sciences has led to increased life expectancy & overall well-being.

Even after all these I feel we lack a very fundamental element in our lives today. Humanities greatest advantage has always been great intellect and unity(strength in numbers). We have reached these advancements by being technologically and resourcefully interdependent. Interdependence of infrastructure, human capital and natural resources has led to greater, faster technological and socio-economical growth. There can be difference in opinions and ideologies but only when we agree to become interdependent can we reach our greatest heights.

I would love to live in a society where people deeply care about themselves and by extension others. A place where there is no worry of impressing someone to get their attention, a place where you dont have to worry about increasing housing costs due to speculative pricing, where you dont have to worry about getting robbed, have a very contrasting lifestyles, a place where every living thing is appreciated and respected.(Dogs are not let to die in streets, Cows/Animals running around street to get some drinkable water, a place where people respect each other and also have great privacy. A place where your talent and skills are placed above your certificates and degree’s. A place where you join college to get educated and not get branded.

Wonderful things happen because of wonderful people. People have power to steer their life to be their own god, have an option to either help or fight, to protect life or harm it for menial things, Check this article on northern white rhino.

We have ample resources, its never lack of resources that hurts us its lack of resourcefulness, proper planning and execution.

I hope to share more of my thoughts as I try to cope up with my disappointments in life.



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